What is a COD:
Collect on delivery (COD) is where payment (money order) is collected by the Fedex driver at time of delivery rather than paid-for in advance.
Once you hand the Fedex driver the money order, the driver will then hand you the package.

COD money order payable to FI Wholesalers:
COD is $20. (Free Shipping on orders over $200)
All orders under $100 with COD is shipped 2nd day air COD
All orders over $100 with COD is shipped Next Day air COD
 or another option it to have the package shipped & held at your local fedex kinkos...you can pick it up anytime and simply give them the money order - depending on your location.

If COD money order is your choice, please place your order online all the way to the last checkout (credit card)
No need to put your credit card # in....simply email us that all info is in the shopping cart...and we will continue the order on our end.

Do we accept Prepaid Credit Cards?
Your billing address MUST match the billing address on your credit card or your order will fail to process.
**On the back of the prepaid credit card is a customer service phone #, please call to register you info on the card with address, zipcode, etc. Once you do so ...enter that info in the Bill To info on your order, only then we can accept Prepaid Credit Cards.  

Why do you offer Insurance?

You have the option to buy insurance and/ or signature on your order. If your order for some reason is not delivered when the delivery confirmation states delivered or is lost by USPS, we will gladly open a case # with USPS on your behalf. If the driver confirms delivering the package or USPS lost the package, we will not be held responsible for the missing package. Note: using delivery confirmation means that the item was delivered to your residence, left on a doorstep, or placed in your mailbox. It doesn't necessarily mean that the person the package was intended for received the package. The only way to make sure that the intended recipient received the package is to require a signature and/ or insurance.

Why am I not able to see an update on my delivery confirmation # with USPS?

Most post offices do not scan delivery confirmation numbers during transit. The first meaningful scan is when the carrier delivers it to your mailbox. That's why they call it "delivery confirmation" rather than "tracking". The post office is working on transit scans, but it will be quite some time until they're done on every package.

My order was declined, why are the funds taken/held?
You may have funds held for 2 to 5 business days for the following reasons:  Even so your card issuing bank approved the funds for this transaction, our card processor declined your card due to non matching security information, may it be incorrect billing address, name, or cvc (security) code on your credit card.  Your card, therefore, was not charged for the funds at question.  Your bank, however, may hold funds 2 to 5 business days to confirm that our processor does not, and will not charge your account. Please note: our card processing bank will not charge your account if you order with us came up declined.  This happens predominantly with debit cards, but may also happen on credit cards.  This also happens on gift cards as there is no billing address, name, or cvc code to confirm.  Your card issuing bank will eventually release the funds, you can then place your order with correct security information.  You can call your card issuing bank and confirm this,  thank you again.
Do you accept Paypal?
Sorry, No we do not. Online orders with your credit card only.
Your billing address MUST match the billing address on your credit card or your order will fail to process.

Are you able to send me free samples?
We do not send free samples, you would need to place an online order.
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