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All products offered here on Fast Incense are all natural, chemical free and are unadulterated.  We offer All natural Smoking blends: Funky Green Smoking Blend, and Remarkable Herbs' Time Out. These All Natural Smoking Blends are just that, all natural with no added chemicals, This makes them legal everywhere.  We also carry a line of all Natural Specialty Herbs, Spices, Extracts, and Blends made of Natural Specialty Herbs, Extracts, Essential oils, and fragrance oils.  Kratom: XXX Kratom extract, OPM Kratom capsules and liquid, Captain Kratom, and full Spectrum Kratom Tinctures, Red x Dawn products, Sleepwalker, Primal Performance Sexual enhancement supplements, iFizz, Electronic Cigarettes, aka: E Cigs, E Cigarettes, E Juice, E Liquid, Blue Lotus Tabs, Kava Liquid, and much more

No Synthetic Cannabinoids, or Stimulants or any illegal compounds; natural or not, are used in making these products. The All natural Smoking blends in this site are Surprisingly and unbelievably Potent.

Funky Green All Natural Smoking Blend, Greener Peace, U.S. organics Mayan, Aztec, and Remarkable Herbs' Time Out are not Herbal Incense, nor are they Spice. These products do not contain any synthetic cannabinoids or “research chemicals” nor should it be construed as relating to products which do.

Our selection and inventory is growing daily to ensure that you are getting all of the latest in all natural products.

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C-Rig Personal Portable Concentrate Vaporizer by CVape
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C-Rig Personal Portable Concentrate Vaporizer by CVape
C-Rig Personal Portable Concentrate Vaporizer by CVape is the best concentrate vaporizer. Made in the USA, Hand Blown Glass Dome and Mouth piece, ceramic heating compartment, slip resistant pass thru battery, with mini USB charger, and a silicone button.

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